The Fourth of July, 2022

All the best of this Fourth of July, in the United States. the 246th year of American Independence.

The most important part of the July 4, 2022 cover of The New Yorker is in the middle. To me, it indicates that there is still hope for the future of the Republic.

As the cultural and political wars continue, it should be obvious that for either side to win; would mean the complete destruction of the other. The individuals pictured above would have to destroy each other in order to achieve total victory and domination.

The process of achieving that would mean the end of the “experiment”.

There is no return to the “good old days”, which never existed in the first place. Flawed interpretations of history and “originalist” views of the Constitution will not work in the 21st century. Under an “originalist’ view of the Constitution, I am still three-fifths of a human being.

Hopefully, the people portrayed on the cover decided to have a drink together, talk, and share their grill. The result could be amazing.

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